Intellectual property, royalties and copyright

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The creator of the work can prohibit or authorise its reproduction, interpretation or public performance, its recording, broadcast by any means, translation or adaptation. The author has two types of rights: moral rights over the work and the property rights or economic exploitation over the work.

  • The moral rights cannot be waived or assigned and the author is able to require, at any time, their acknowledgement as author. They can also decide whether the work can be disclosed, modified, etc.
  • The economic rights can be assigned and are all those that serve the economic exploitation of the work: translations, theatre adaptations, public exhibitions, changes of format, etc.

The new areas of creation are also protected by authors’ rights, meaning that computer programs (software), Websites or Internet portals, etc., can be registered.

The author can be an individual, a collective of authors and even an individual who works for a company. The documentation needed to access registration depends on the type of author and the format of the work.

How can we help you?

Consultancy, registration and protection

Registration of rights in the intellectual property registry.

Registration intellectual property in Spain

Registration of intellectual property and software within 24 hours in the United States

Administrative and private proceedings

Proceedings before the intellectual property registry and rights management bodies.

Consultancy on strategies

Alternative protection for multimedia, audiovisual, literary and graphic works.

Registration of Internet contents

Consultancy on the private registration of webpage contents, portals, digital magazines and blogs.

Strategy design and alternative registration management

Fee negotiation

Negotiation with different management entities for author's rights.

P2P systems and online contents

Consultancy on P2P systems and legal practices for public communication of online contents.

Consultancy and legal defence

Intellectual property rights and related rights (copyright, literary creations, musical compositions, software, photography, sculpture, architecture, etc.).

Consultancy on infringements

Consultancy and legal instruction regarding intellectual property right infringements, whether through civil or criminal action.

Licenses and transfers

Preparation and revision of licenses and transfer agreements.

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