Brand Protection and anti-piracy

Have you ever asked yourself about the infringements and falsifications of your trademarks and/or goods that are on the Internet?

We know that the trademarks and goods that we register and manage have an increasingly complicated existence on the Internet. The growing number of online threats, falsifications of goods and damage to the reputation of the trademark poses a special challenge for us as your Patent and Trademark Agent.

We have developed an overarching solution. It will enable you to know how, where and who is abusing your trademark or goods and we will guide you in the measures you must take in order to assert your rights and eliminate infringements. Everything is customised to suit your needs as a company, trademark or goods.

The detection of infringements will be accompanied at all times by our consultancy and specific actions for the documentation and elimination of them. It is an overarching service that will enable you to be up to date with the actions carried out and, if necessary, file them in order to build up evidence.

If you suspect or are aware that your trademarks or goods are affected on the Internet, you can contact us immediately so that we can advise you and provide a definitive solution.

How can we help you?

Our unified surveillance application allows searching for possible infringements in the following areas:

Monitoring of Domain Names

In order to detect domain name registrations by third parties that coincide with your trademarks.

Monitoring of Social Networks

In order to detect undue use of your trademark, fake profiles, etc.

Monitoring of Contents everywhere on the Internet (Publishing, Music and video game sectors)

In order to track pages that enable online viewing or access of content, P2P and Apps.

Monitoring of the Market Place and Falsifications

In order to detect and report the sale of fake goods on sites such as Ebay, Alibaba, Amazon, etc.

Monitoring of Search Engines

In order to locate adverts and promotions that illegally take advantage of your trademark's reputation.

Monitoring of Mobile Applications

In order to detect the applications that violate your rights.

Stop counterfeiting now and start winning the battle against piracy.