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Origins and history of ISERN

Isern Miralles founded ISERN Patentes y Marcas in 1924 with offices in Barcelona and Madrid. Upon his death, his son Isern Cuyás took over the company, which he realised was well established in these two cities, and aimed to encompass more areas of Spain, focusing his efforts on expanding the company. He opened offices in Alicante, Zaragoza, Valencia, Granada and Logroño. He travelled all over the world and started the Company’s international expansion.

When Isern Cuyás passed away, the Company’s partners made it clear that its future lay in continuing ISERN Patentes y Marcas as a firm of highly qualified professionals to provide the best service to our clients.

The firm today

ISERN Patentes y Marcas has more than 150 professionals providing consultancy services in everything you need and has 12 offices throughout Spain. It is one of the leading companies in our sector.

ISERN Patentes y Marcas manages a portfolio of more than 40,000 clients. We have individual clients and small entrepreneurs to small and medium family enterprises and large multinationals. Our philosophy is that every client is important regardless of the size of their company.

Our work philosophy is encapsulated in not limiting ourselves to merely being portfolio managers, but in providing a flexible service and ongoing consultancy to clients so they can make informed decisions with the longest time possible.

Due to the high level of specialisation, Isern Patentes y Marcas is among the national and international elite. Its consultancy areas are: INVENTIONS (Patents and Utility models); TRADEMARKS, LOGOS AND DISTINCTIVE SIGNS(Trademarks and Trade Names); DESIGNS (designs and Industrial Models); INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (Copyright, royalties); INTERNET, DOMAIN NAMES AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES (Official Domain Name Registrars); LEGAL SERVICES AND CUSTOMS CONTROLDRAFTING OF CONTRACTS, NEGOTIATIONS AND LICENSESAUDITING AND VALUATIONS OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY PORTFOLIOS.

Our office offers a comprehensive and customised service, from prior consultancy and viability studies to the processing and registration of the trademark, patent, Internet domain name, etc. in Spain or anywhere in the world. We also provide monitoring services, legal protection against imitations or acts of piracy and customs monitoring. The team is made up of Industrial Property Agents, European Patent Agents, European Trademark and Design Agents, lawyers, economists, engineers, biologists, chemists, technical translators and staff that is highly specialised in industrial and intellectual property.

Associations and memberships

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