Information and technology monitoring service

Patents and utility models are a fundamental source of technological information.

They are reports that provide, with the frequency desired, references of invention patents and utility models published inside and/or outside the national territory, such that you can exclusively find out about all the technological innovations related to your business activity and your direct competition. The reports are customised according to the client’s needs.

As these reports are customised they can be applied to many uses. They allow you to be up-to-date on the most important evolution and developments of the technological field in which you develop your activities, including competitive companies. In addition, we offer new products and research areas.

In order to prepare reports, we use private and public databases with international coverage (offering information from the most important Patent Offices in the world).

You can customise the selection criteria yourself according to your needs:

  • International Patent Classification.
  • Keywords.
  • Applicants or inventors.

The information shall be clearly provided under the search profile selected.

Searches with written opinion


Analysis of the patent portfolio and assessing its strength against third parties depending on the state of the art.


Opinion on the patentability of a new project.


Opinion on whether there is a monopoly in the market of a product or method.


Search for potential buyers of a technology depending on the number of registrations and technical field.

Searches without opinion


Products by combination of criteria

1.- Territorial scope criteria: world, by country, PCT or EPO.
2.- Technological criteria: patent classification code, keywords or EPO.
3.- Name criteria: applicant or inventor.
4.- Information sending time criteria: monthly, quarterly or biannually.


1.- Technological information on non-valid patents in Spain or in other countries.
2.- Annuity payment control of third party patents.


Complementary translation service into Spanish of the information obtained.

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