Trademarks, logos and distinctive signs

Your tool to set yourself apart in the market

In order to have exclusive use of a distinctive sign in the market, and in order for the user to clearly identify your activity and for it to be easily recognisable, you need a Trademark Registration.

A trademark is any distinctive sign capable of being represented graphically. There are many type of signs: word, images, shapes, letters, symbols, numbers, three-dimensional shapes (e.g. Packages, Wrapping), etc.

The Trademark Registration grants a broad protection and is an important asset for your business. The exclusivity of a registered trademark lasts for ten years as of the filing date of the application and can be renewed indefinitely.

These rights ensure exclusivity in the use of the trademark and grants the right to forbid others from using an identical or similar trademark for identical or similar goods or services, as well as the assurance that you can use it without fear that it will be removed from the market.

How can we help you?

Trademark registration

At a national, European and International level.

Strategy identification

Aimed at what to protect, when to protect and what type of action to take in order to protect and develop your trademark.

Prior consultancy

On the viability of a trademark or logo.

Scope of the application

Consultancy on the scope of the application (goods and services) that the trademark must cover for complete protection.

Monitoring and defence

Of your trademark in any country in the world throughout the registration process (filing responses to suspensions, appeals to a higher court).

Third-party opposition

Negotiation before the opposition to reduce costs and defence of your trademark against third-party oppositions.

Contracts and negotiations

Preparation of all types of contracts (assignment, license, distribution) and negotiations.

Free opposition valuation

Likelihood of success of an opposition.

Trademark and design monitoring

General and free monitoring service of Spanish and community logos, trademarks, community designs and international trademarks that extend to Spain.


Advantageous management in the renewal service.

Specific reports

Specific reports on new trademark applications in your sector or on possible competitors.

Daily review

Daily review of trademarks published in official gazettes.

Power of Attorney

Register your trademark now