Patents as a tool: X-ray of the fight against climate change

Exploring Technological Innovation in the Fight Against Climate Change: An Analysis Through Patents Global warming undeniably stands as one of the most critical and complex challenges in human history. Unfortunately, the efforts made so far are far of being considered sufficient, reflected in the clear delay in addressing this issue, as highlighted in the continuous … Read more

Patent Troll: What They Are and How to Combat Them

In reality, trolls were creatures described by Scandinavian mythologies as ugly and deformed, living under bridges. Their means of subsistence was charging a kind of toll to travelers who needed to cross these structures to avoid passing through turbulent and dangerous rivers. These monsters even extorted passersby, threatening to harm them if they didn’t pay … Read more

Myriam Otaola selected as member of INTA Enforcement Committee

Our Trademark lawyer, Myriam Otaola, has been selected as a member of the INTA Enforcement Committee for the upcoming term 2024-2025. This appointment reflects the recognition of her experience and dedication in the field of Intellectual Property with a special focus on Trademarks. The INTA Enforcement Committee is responsible for developing and defending policies related to the … Read more

ISERN attends MARQUES annual conference

Isern Patentes y Marcas attends as every year the MARQUES annual conference, which will bring together the main firms of intellectual property. The 37th edition of MARQUES will be held at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin (Germany) from 19 to 22 September. At ISERN we are committed to the sector in order to continue to … Read more

MARQUES selects Paula Muñoz to promote Intellectual Property

MARQUES selects Paula Munoz to promote IP

ISERN’s trademark lawyer, Paula Muñoz, has been selected to join MARQUES, one of the most prestigious professional organisations in the field of Intellectual Property. ISERN is proud that one of its lawyers is part of the IP Emerging Issues Committee of Marques. The selection of our lawyer for the international trade mark department is the … Read more

ISERN has two European Patent Litigators

ISERN Patentes y Marcas, in its desire to continue offering the best service to its clients, has two European Patent Litigators in its team. The head of the Patent Department and European Patent Litigator, Axel Pérez, and the European Patent Litigator, María Rosa de la Colina, further strengthen the firm’s capacity to represent its clients … Read more

ISERN nominated as IP firm of the year

The international ranking of intellectual property, IP Stars, edited by the prestigious Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) publishing house, has nominated ISERN as Firm of the Year in the Managing IP Awards 2023 in the categories: patent prosecution and trademark prosecution. This nomination is a recognition of the effort and work of all ISERN professionals and … Read more

Changes at the Unified Patent Court on seat allocation

Unitary Patent

The Unified Patent Court today published its decision on the provisional assignment of actions pending before the central division relating to patents in different sections of the International Patent Classification (IPC). As of June 1, 2023, pending actions in section A (Human Needs) of the IPC will be transferred to the Paris headquarters, while actions … Read more

Why should patent holders choose Spain as a territory to exploit their patent?

Spanish patents in europe

Spain offers several attractive advantages for patent owners looking to exploit their inventions. Firstly, Spain has a solid and well-established patent system, with a high level of compliance with intellectual property rights. Additionally, Spain is an active member of the European Union and the Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreements, ensuring effective protection of … Read more

Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court

Patente Unitaria y Tribunal Unificado de Patentes

What is the unitary patent? It is a system for the protection of intellectual property rights in all the countries that have decided to join the Unified Patent Court Agreement. Currently, 17 states have ratified the treaty: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and … Read more