Latam Desk

The cultural and economic alliance between Latin America and Spain is essential for Intellectual Property

ISERN has a specific team specialised in cases related to Latin America. Due to the cultural and language ties, our company has many interests at stake in these countries.

This team is made up of people with nine different Latin American nationalities, which alongside several professionals of other nationalities, allows us to be even closer to this continent.

As leaders in our sector in Spain entails a constant flow of work, this is mainly due to the investments that the Spanish companies have made in Latin America. After many years of experience, we have chosen offices in each of the countries, thus meeting the specific needs of our clients.

ISERN often takes part in forums, conventions and conferences, becoming involved in and giving presentations for several Latin American Industrial and Intellectual Property Institutes. We have also had a presence in these countries in order to personally take care of our clients. Travelling and entering into relationships helps us grow.

This knowledge and closeness with our colleagues allows us to offer truly competitive prices.

In addition, this unique network of collaborators allows us to offer a specific and accurate service for any case that the client may require, at a registration, industrial and intellectual level as well as contracting, customs control or legal consultancy. We also offer knowledge related to South American Treaties such as Mercosur or Andean Pact.

In short, all the effort and implementation only has one objective, that of improving and assisting companies that have put their trust in us.

Put your Latin American expansion in the best hands