European Desk

After almost 100 years of experience we have been able to select the best firms in each country

ISERN is made up of a specialised multilingual and international team of professionals responsible for managing and processing before the European Industrial Property Institutions, as well and any other European Country.

ISERN has a network of first-class collaborating Agents that enable us to process any registration of local/national Trademarks, Patents or Designs in any European country.

Each country has its own requirements and processes, making it essential for there to be an appropriate follow-up by a specialised Agent who monitors the deadlines and proceedings.

ISERN IP’s Managers/Advisers are responsible for the customised coordination and control of the registration portfolio and its management at a European and global level.

EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)

Our international team of Lawyers and Community Agents is highly specialised in the administrative and legal proceedings before the EUIPO. For this reason, we are the first firm in new registrations before the Trademark and Design Office of the European Union.

Searches and research

Applications for registrations

Opposition against third parties

Defence against oppositions

Administrative Appeals

Defence before community courts

EPO (European Patent Office)

Our international team of European Patent Agents and engineers is specialised in drafting Patents, technology searches, patentability reports and actions before the EPO.

Drafting the specification and claims in compliance with the EPO

Study and analysis of EPO Search reports

Oppositions and appeals before the EPO

Study and response to the official actions and patentability examination

Validation and maintenance of the patent in member states of the European Patent Convention

Put your European expansion in the best hands