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ISERN PATENTES Y MARCAS S.L., in compliance with the current Spanish legislation, would like to bring to your attention that the present conditions regulate the access to and use of this web page. This is in order to prevent the anonymity of this website on the network. As such, you are informed that this website is administered by J. Isern Patentes y Marcas S.L., registered in the Companies Registry of Barcelona:

Volume 28.361
Sheet 66
Page B‐134.858
Entry 1ª
Tax Code No. B‐60861119
With mailing address:
Avd. Diagonal 463 Bis 2º.
Post Code: 08036 Barcelona.
Jorge Isern Jara is an Industrial Property Agent registered in the Official Industrial Property Agents Association under number 515.

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3.- Operation of the Website

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9.- Applicable legislation

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