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 Knowledge  is power and  information  well handled is powerful. The sum of knowledge and information is  POWER IP 

Advanced statistics

Cross-reference data from your files to draw relevant conclusions.

Smart business decisions

Your data-driven decisions to expand your company.

Comprehensive strategy

Design a global strategy for your business at an international level.

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How can it help you?

The legaltech solution POWER IP is a web application to access a wide portfolio of files through an intelligent system, which will help you to make a visual analysis and design the best strategy for your business. With POWER IP you will be able to make smart decisions for your company. It is a unique tool in the sector, which can be customised for each company.

Now you will have real control of your files!

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What can you do?


Execute your D.O.T.I. (Digitalisation, Optimisation, Transformation and Innovation) plan for your company's intellectual property.


Optimise your resources and generate value by making a positive return on your assets.


Control of files from any point of view: geographical, status, expiry date, etc.


Presentation of the asset portfolio to the Board of Directors, departmental management, etc., in an intelligent and visual way.


Development of an integrated and comprehensive protection strategy.


Visual status reports of your files.

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Multidispositivo Power IP
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Multi-device support

You can use POWER IP on any device, whether mobile, tablet or computer. The data and information will adapt to any screen so that you can analyse or consult them at any time from anywhere.

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Real-time data analysis

Don’t expect complex listings and unreadable excels; analyse up-to-date data thanks to our Business Intelillence technology. Sort the information in charts, filter in tables or move around the world map to browse and view all your records.

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Do you want to know it for free?

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Customised plans and prices

Find out about our different plans to get your POWER IP – Business Intelligence App up and running.
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Free demo

  • Demonstration environment to get to know the functionality of the web application with file simulation.

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Consult /per year
  • Configuration of a professional environment for 1 user connected to the company database.
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Consult /per year
  • Configuration of an enterprise environment for 2 or more users connected to the enterprise database.

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