Isern generates new business opportunities on the occasion of the WORLD PADEL TOUR in Barcelona

From left., Nuria Brunet, Isern Japan Desk Department; José Conde, CEO at Conde Sports International;, Katsuyoshi Tamai, vice president at Japan Padel Association; Rieko Maruyama, of Japan Padel Association; Jorge Isern, Managing Partner at Isern; y Shota Tsutsumi, of First Coms Japan.

Isern Patentes y Marcas, as a driving force and promoter of intellectual property in all areas of society, has organized a series of meetings with clients and the Japan Padel Association to promote this sport and its related companies to export products to Japan.

Coinciding with the celebration of the World Padel Tour in Barcelona, Isern has joined padel companies and organizations to create links and generate new business opportunities. During the meeting held at the offices of Isern, participated the entities Japan Padel Association, Asia Padel Inc., Conde Sports International, Royal Padel, Dortoka Disseny and Galis Padel Group.

Isern, in addition to being a firm specialized in intellectual property, values the business of its clients and helps them to expand internationally. For Jorge Isern, Managing Partner at Isern Patentes y Marcas, “we are more than IP agency, we always try to create business opportunities through networking sessions and conferences between clients and organizations to enhance their growth in new markets“.