Patent in Georgia: European Patents Can Now Be Validated in This Country

January 15, 2024, has become a key date in the field of intellectual property and international cooperation, marking the activation of the patent in Georgia validation agreement between the European Patent Organisation (EPO) and this country. This agreement represents a significant advance for patent holders and inventors, as it expands the geographical scope of patent protection in Europe.

Process and Requirements for patent in Georgia

With this agreement, it is now possible to validate a European patent in Georgia. This means that inventors and companies can, through a single patent application process with the EPO, seek protection not only in the member countries of the organization but also in Georgia. For this to be effective, the patent application must have been filed on January 15, 2024, or after this date, and the corresponding validation fee must have been paid to the EPO.

It is important to note that the validation procedure in Georgia is not based on the direct application of the European Patent Convention (EPC), but is exclusively regulated by Georgia’s national legislation. This implies that, although the initial application process is carried out through the EPO, once the patent in Georgia enters the validation phase, it is governed by the country’s specific rules and procedures.

This collaboration for the patent in Georgia between the EPO and this country not only benefits patent applicants but is also a step forward in integrating Georgia into the European patent system. It facilitates access for Georgian companies and inventors to patent protection in other European countries, thus fostering innovation and technological exchange.

Georgia in the European Patent System

Georgia becomes the fifth validation state for European patents, joining Morocco, Cambodia, Moldova, and Tunisia, which brings the coverage of the European patent system to 44 states. This expansion reflects Georgia’s growing importance in the field of industrial property, given its accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) since 1991 and its potential accession to the EU. Moreover, Georgia stands out in the 2023 Global Innovation Index, which underscores its emerging role in the economy and innovation.

The process of validating a patent in Georgia requires considering designation and validation fees, as well as translation into Georgian. This strategic approach to patent validation in Georgia can be crucial for companies depending on their market and competition.

Benefits of International Cooperation and the patent in Georgia

The patent in Georgia validation agreement is a clear example of how international cooperation can facilitate and expand the protection of industrial property, benefiting both inventors and the global economy. With the activation of the Patent in Georgia validation agreement, a new era begins in the relationship between Europe and Georgia in the field of patents and innovation.

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