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Internet, Domains and New Technologies

We make Internet your partner

From the time in which the domain name was no longer a purely technical concept and became the “Internet brand”, a range of services was developed around this concept. The objective: attempt to protect the name at all costs.

We create a complete strategy for your Internet brand channel that begins with feasibility studies of domain names and continues until the brand is introduced in search engines and social networks. Our comprehensive management will allow you to make a safe investment in your online marketing campaign. It will also provide all of the legal protection that is required so that your brand will survive in a global setting filled with competitors.

Being trademark agents and accredited domain name agents will ensure you complete protection at the global level. You will also have specialized legal consultancy services at all times so that your business provides safety to your online clients.


  • Registration of national and international domains.
  • Comprehensive management of domain name portfolios.
  • Conflicts and unauthorized use of the Internet brand.
  • Internet brand channels and positioning.
  • Registration of domain names.
  • Report on the status of a brand on the level of the domain name throughout the world.
  • Registration of a domain name in the appropriate commercial registry.
  • Vigilance of domains.
  • Reports on the past and current ownership of a domain name (whois and historical who was data).
  • Web site audits.
  • Resolution of conflicts and unauthorized use of domain names.
  • New technology contracts, contract review and adaptation.
  • "On-line legal consultation" services regarding new technology law.
  • Protection of the trademark rights in the Internet.


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